College Students Jumping Obama’s Ship: New Poll

by Charles Feldman on October 14, 2010


He’s losing it. President Obama that is. Obamamania has apparently come and gone–at least among college students.

A new Associated Press-mtvU poll shows just 47 percent of college students now support Obama’s leadership; 27 percent don’t think he is doing such a hot job running the country.

In May of 2009, 60 percent of college students surveyed gave Obama the thumbs up; 15 percent had a negative view then.

The big concern is that this waning support for the president will translate into a much smaller turnout for the midterm elections and, therefore, an increased chance the Republicans will reclaim control of the House.

Student expectations for Obama were so high during the presidential campaign, there was always the danger of major disappointment once it became apparent that Obama is not a miracle worker. This is what is happening now.

The question now is, will many of these disillusioned students simply drop out of the political process altogether, or turn to  either the GOP or a third party to express their political views?

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marie May 22, 2011 at 9:52 am

When I was in college, the way I chose the party I registered with was based on the party the govenor of Az at the time, Ev Mecham, was in (Republican). He was kicked out of office, so I registered as a Democrat. Of course, once I gained my senses and some knowledge, I became a Republican. The colleges here in the US are so slanted to the left, the “Professors” all have an agenda…they are not living in the real world. College kids are not educated enough on the real issues, and especially now, true history, they have only learned that the US is a bad, mean country. Wake up America! And kids, learn the truth, don’t be swayed by your tenured professors.


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