Obama Finally Gets Something Done With Passage Of Health Care Reform

by Charles Feldman on March 21, 2010


It’s about time.

Finally, President Obama has gotten something of historical significance accomplished with the passage tonight of legislation that will radically and fundamentally change the way health care is delivered in this country.

And, while certainly not on the scale of the type of universal medical coverage Americans deserve–and their European counterparts, among others, already get–approval of this legislation will greatly increase medical coverage to an estimated tens of millions of those currently without health insurance.

It will also offer more protection for those who already have insurance but fear losing it should they get laid off from their job–which, nowadays, considering the economic condition of this country, is something every worker must give serious thought to.

If only Obama had become more personally involved in this fight from the get-go a year or so ago, maybe we’d be much further down the road by now?

We’ll probably never know what could have happened.

What we do know is what will happen: And, that is good for Americans and , yes, good for Barack Obama’s presidency, making it far easier for him now to get approval of other measures, such as overhauling regulation of the financial industry in this country.

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