The Check Is In The Mail But It May Not Be Delivered Saturday; Postal Service Seeks End To Weekend Delivery

by Charles Feldman on March 2, 2010


Maybe neither rain nor wind nor snow and all that other stuff can stop the postal service from delivering the mail, but, apparently, the rise of email can.

The postal service is saying that it is hurting so much from loss of revenue because of such things as email and private deliver companies, that it may need to cut Saturday mail delivery as well as overtime pay for employees.

Joseph Corbett, the chief financial officers for the post office, tells Reuters that the service is also planning what he called a “moderate” increase in the price of stamps.

I think people can probably live with paying a few more pennies for postage–though that might not be the case for businesses that rely on mass mailings.

But stopping mail delivery on Saturdays is another matter. I don’t think that will go over well with the public . And, since people will still want their mail delivered, my guess is stopping weekend deliveries would only force more people–if they can afford it–to give their business to the private delivery services resulting in even a larger loss of revenue for the U.S. Postal Service.

In February, says Reuters, USPS posted a loss of $297 million for the first quarter.

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