Google And The Spooks: Joins Forces With Spy Agency

by Charles Feldman on February 5, 2010


Lots of people already don’t trust Google. Now, there is even better reason.

The New York Times reporting that Google has joined forces with the National Security Agency in an effort to track down who was behind the attacks on its cybersecurity last year.

As the paper correctly puts it, ” The collaboration between Google , the world’s largest search engine company, and the federal agency in charge of global electronic surveillance raises both civil liberties issues and new questions about how much Google knew about the electronic thefts it experienced when it stated last month that it might end its business operation in China, where it said the attacks originated.”

Google’s ability to track and keep track of our most personal doings on the Internet is scary enough. But when you add to the mix the cooperation between Google and a giant U.S. spy agency, the possibilities are truly mind blowing!

Google apparently was the one reaching out to the NSA. Of course, the NSA was reportedly more than happy to agree.

As might be expected, the paper says a Google spokeswoman would not further comment on the matter, while an NSA spookswoman reportedly said the agency is also not able to comment “on specific relationships we may or may not have with U.S. companies.”

That alone is a statement worthy of further exploration: What exactly does she mean by relationships they “may or may not have” with other U.S. companies? Phone companies, perhaps?  Media companies, maybe?

We are, as a society, already well passed the danger point of becoming a police state. The blending of Google with the National Security Agency is just the latest, but, perhaps, most troubling example.

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