Will He? Will She? Will They? The Great Obama-Clinton Guessing Game Is On

by Charles Feldman on June 9, 2008


Will Barack Obama ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate? And, if he does, will she accept? And, if she accepts, will she help or hurt the ticket?

It is virtually impossible to turn on a TV, tune in a radio or pick up a newspaper (or click on a website) without hearing, seeing or reading variations of those questions.

It is truly amazing that even after conceding, Hillary Clinton continues to cast a shadow on Barack Obama.

What will happen?

The best and most informed opinion I have heard on the vice-presidential matter is this: If within the next several weeks, national polls show Obama way ahead of John McCain, then Hillary will not be asked to join the ticket.  But if the polls should show a thin spread between Obama and McCain, or McCain beating Obama, then Hillary will be asked to be Obama’s running mate.

This scenerio makes the most sense for all the obvious reasons: If Obama can get by without Clinton, he most certainly will. But he is a practical enough politician to know when to reach for a life boat and Clinton may just be that boat.

Keep your eyes, therefore, on the opinion polls and they will no doubt tell you what Obama is likely to do.

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