Nancy Pelosi Bitch Slaps Hillary Clinton; Becomes Obama’s Super Mama

by Charles Feldman on February 15, 2008


Nancy Pelosi clearly has it in for Hillary Clinton.

The House speaker said today that the so-called Superdelegates should not go against the will of the people when it comes time to decide whom to back at the Democratic convention this summer in Denver, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

In other words, even though the whole idea of the Superdelegates was to have party elders and other party officials help decide the nomination in the event of a close call between candidates, Pelosi, who should know better, is trying to change the rules of the game in the middle of it.

Clinton, of course, leads Obama in the Superdelegate count, so their support is crucial to her White House bid.

Pelosi would prefer they follow the lead of the popular vote, which sounds nice, except, that was not the rules under which the game was played.

Besides, if Pelosi insists on this, then she ought to demand that Ted Kennedy switch his backing from Obama to Clinton since she won his home state hands-down!! That’s the will of the people, isn’t it?

Perhaps Pelosi is insecure about having another no-nonsense woman as chief executive?

Oddly, when it comes to whether or not to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan, two states Clinton won, Pelosi is all of a sudden a rules traffic cop.

She told an interviewer : “…I don’t think that any states that operated outside the rules of the party can be dispositive of who the nominee is. That is to say, they can’t make the difference because then we would have no rules.”


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Obama is a Joke February 15, 2008 at 6:53 pm

Obama is not happy with the Super Delegate system because it does not favor him, but unfortunately, that is the way the game is played – like it or not.

He and his minions can’t just complain about the system because it may not work in their favor. His campaign just has to deal with it and do what he can to win or lose within its parameters. Too bad he can’t play by the set of rules given to him, and has to call on his mommy – Pelosi – to start pitching to the public that the rules should change now…..

He says that the voting public should determine the votes of the Super Delegates, but says that the votes of the people of Florida shouldn’t count. His flip-flops are worse than those of Mitt Romney. When they suit him, the rules should
be one way. If they go counter to his having a lead, then they are old rules favoring the elite.

Our system may not be perfect, but it has worked pretty well for a long time. The time to complain or try to change it is not in the middle of a heated election, where that change can alter the results. The time to change it was before you ran or after you get or don’t get elected. His transparent and childish whining about how it isn’t fair is just nonsense.

What is more nonsense and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS are his continued calls for public outrage if he ends up losing by these very rules. A candidate for President of the United States should not be out there roiling up an already charged up public. It is irresponsible and, given the way people fawn over him, could end up leading to serious instability across the nation. He claims to be someone who wants to bring people together, but uses division amongst them to benefit his cause.

The initiators of the Super Delegate system created it exactly for times like these. When throngs of ignorant, and seemingly posessed Obama supporters bow before their candidate for no reason other than his speeches and glowing personality.

I fear for our future with these 2 at the helm (hopefully not) of the Democratic party!


F.Igwealor February 15, 2008 at 6:57 pm

This is a cheap shot at US #3 citizen. The Congresswoman is just stating the fact that democrats shouldn’t overturn the people’s vote.


Obama is a Joke February 15, 2008 at 7:05 pm

That is actually not what is going on, and if you knew anything about politics in the United States, you’d know that it is nothing but gamesmanship. Pelosi thinks she’ll have more power under an Obama administration and therefore is shilling for him.

Along with her inability to stand up to President Bush, she knows that her power under Clinton will be diminished. Clinton can run a government without the leadership of the Democratic party holding her hand, while Obama won’t be able to find the Oval Office without their help.

Pelosi just wants to try to remain relevant.


Mike February 15, 2008 at 8:03 pm

Please, the whole Superdelegate system rivals only the Electoral College in stupidity. Of course, Pelosi supports “the rules” in every other respect, so it’s actually surprising that she would go against them here. She gets no credit for it because there is no doubt in my mind that it has only to do with her feelings about who should actually win. She has absolutely no interest in actually fair elections.

In fact, the person that the country votes for should win. Not enough that we effectively only have two parties (basically two sides of the same coin), we also have to give up our right to actually choose who runs for president from those parties. All in the name of sticking to “the rules”? “The rules” got George Bush into the presidency without actually winning the popular vote. I’ve had enough of rules and people that blindly stick to them. We have too many rules.


Obama is a Joke February 15, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Too many rules? Then after the election takes place, our politicians can vote to change them.

I’m not happy about Bush and his win, and I also think the electoral college should probably go, but until it does, then that is the way the game goes. Bitch all you want, but without the rules, you’ve got rogue politicians running the show (we can see this as Bush currently ignores the rules as he sees fit). Looks like Obama wants to follow Bush in many ways: 1) Inexperienced 2) Wants the rules to go his way or not at all 3) Right wing religious fanatic (do some reading about his church) – and the list goes on!

Want to bitch about unfair, then do it at a time that doesn’t favor your candidate. By bitching now, you and your messiah, Obama just look desperate.


Gal March 6, 2008 at 2:07 pm

How is it that Obama is the one that looks desperate? Clinton is the one trying to get delegates from 2 states not allowed to participate in now…after she agreed to them not being allowed. How is that for desperate?


Obama is a Joke March 6, 2008 at 2:29 pm

Hey Gal – So you’re trying to disenfranchise millions of voters? And you think Hillary Clinton is desperate?


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