College Students Jumping Obama’s Ship: New Poll

by Charles Feldman on October 14, 2010

He’s losing it. President Obama that is. Obamamania has apparently come and gone–at least among college students. A new Associated Press-mtvU poll shows just 47 percent of college students now support Obama’s leadership; 27 percent don’t think he is doing such a hot job running the country. In May of 2009, 60 percent of college [...]

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Iceland Volcano Pushing Airlines To Put Money Before Safety: Flight Restrictions Over Europe Ease Too Soon!

by Charles Feldman April 19, 2010

For desperate airlines, safety is taking a back seat in coach to economics as they press to get their planes back into the skies over Europe even though the volcano in Iceland is, once again, apparently spewing out impressive amounts of ash into the atmosphere over many Northern (and some Southern) European countries. Under intense pressure [...]

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Pilots Can Now Use Antidepressants, But Passengers Really Need Them!

by Charles Feldman April 4, 2010

The hottest news in the aviation world is the recent announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration that pilots flying commercial flights (and other types of aircraft) will now be allowed to take four of the most popular antidepressants while continuing to fly paying passengers. The evidence seems clear that the medications do more good than [...]

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Obama Finally Gets Something Done With Passage Of Health Care Reform

by Charles Feldman March 21, 2010

It’s about time. Finally, President Obama has gotten something of historical significance accomplished with the passage tonight of legislation that will radically and fundamentally change the way health care is delivered in this country. And, while certainly not on the scale of the type of universal medical coverage Americans deserve–and their European counterparts, among others, [...]

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Uncritical Press May Be Taken In By Fake Prius Story

by Charles Feldman March 14, 2010

Let’s face it. Toyota is just an easy target right now. Millions of its cars recalled because of rare cases of uncontrolled acceleration. The company says it can (and is) fixing the problem; critics claim it is missing the real problem: the complex, computer controlled electronic throttle system. None of this, however, should give the [...]

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The Check Is In The Mail But It May Not Be Delivered Saturday; Postal Service Seeks End To Weekend Delivery

by Charles Feldman March 2, 2010

Maybe neither rain nor wind nor snow and all that other stuff can stop the postal service from delivering the mail, but, apparently, the rise of email can. The postal service is saying that it is hurting so much from loss of revenue because of such things as email and private deliver companies, that it [...]

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